The school should enforce smoking rules

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Western has a policy where there is no smoking allowed within 10 meters of the entrance to any building on campus. However, this policy is never enforced.

Instead, I have to walk through second-hand smoke daily and, at times, you can even smell it when you’re inside.

I understand it’s a great spot for smokers, but if you plan on ruining your lungs anyways, you might as well take it 10 meters further into the cold.

This especially frustrates me since rules against eating in any library on campus are regularly enforced by patrols and fines, yet smokers can make it their daily routine to smoke in front of the door that have a non-smoking sign (within 10 meters) on them.

So Western, either remove all the non-smoking signs so I have nothing to bitch about, or disregard all the policies that you have, especially the one about eating in libraries.
"Trish Ung
Science III

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