Are Ivey students pretentious assholes?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Pretentious Ivey shirts were made in jest”
Mar. 4, 2008

To the editor:
As the president of the “AE-No!” Facebook group, it hurts me to agree with Ben Dickie, a Richard Ivey School of Business honours business administration 2008 candidate. Our fellow Westerners should not complain about Ivey’s disrespectful T-shirts or frugality when it comes to tipping at the bar.

Instead, we should take advantage of the many services Ivey students offer us. If you need to find a volunteer, ask an Ivey student; they are always searching to add another extra-curricular to their resume.

If you need a date for Saturday night, ask an Ivey student; they are always looking to find a new friend to network with.

Finally, we should not worry about Dickie’s proposed mission statement: “We’re better than you.” How else can they justify spending $20,000+ per year for an 80-hour workweek? Hopefully their new job provides some lessons in doing cost-benefit analysis.
"Samir Nurmohamed
Economics IV

To the editor:
Thank you very much, Jimmy, for your views and opinions regarding the Ivey pubcrawl. In Ivey we are taught to continually improve ourselves, so your feedback is well-received. As you seem so eager to provide us with criticisms, I would like to provide some feedback of my own.

I would like to start by saying that in Ivey we are taught to compensate fairly based on performance. Clearly, if the Ivey students attending your place of employment were leaving “pennies, nickels, dimes and the odd quarter,” it represented the level of service they were receiving.

I understand if you were preoccupied with an upcoming exam and were unable to give us your personal best. Memorizing textbook readings and regurgitating it on a bubble sheet can be very challenging.

Secondly, I noticed that you did not sign your full name at the bottom of your letter. Ignoring the lack of professional etiquette, I can only assume you did not want the Ivey Admissions Board to “blackball” your application.

The only other logical explanation why someone would exhibit such an extreme form of spinelessness is fear, or even worse, jealousy. However, I would not worry about your application, because I’m sure you were the former and do not need to “grow a pair.”

Lastly, I would like to point out a mistake you made with regards to our pubcrawl slogan. The actual slogan was “My objective tonight is to get drunk,” not “... to get completely wasted.” Attention to detail is a fundamental element of the Ivey program. Hopefully you got an Ivey student to review your application before you submitted it.

Jimmy, I hope this reply was helpful and that you carry these lessons forward and apply them in your everyday life.

Hope to see you in the fall!
"Russell Petrie
HBA 2008
HBAA Social Coordinator

Editor’s Note: If only Ivey bothered teaching humility. Thanks for the letter, Russell.

To the editor:
I’m here to lodge a complaint about people who bitch about Ivey students and the Ivey students who give them something to bitch about.

To the whiny loner: stop complaining that Ivey students are in your face and making you feel bad. They have what we call type-A personalities, and are destined to achieve in this world.

If you applied yourself a little, instead of just complaining and listening to pretentious music, you might have done better.

To the few Ivey kids who think they are great: shut up. You are smart. But you are only smarter than the people who tried and didn’t get into Ivey (see pretentious loner: above).

Walk into Taylor Library and you’ll see some real brains. Our doctors, dentists, neurophysiologists, veterinarians and biochemists never applied to Ivey. But I can assure you that if they did, they would be there, not you.

So just shut up and be happy with what you have, not with what others can’t have. That’s all.
"Mike Khoury
Physiology IV

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