The real geniuses don't bash other faculties

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Are Ivey students pretentious assholes?”
March 7, 2008

To the editor:
Samir, why so bitter?

To start a group on Facebook ripping another faculty shows how jealous you actually are. People like you tend to “hate” things they can’t have in order to give themselves some sort of solace for not having it. It gives them the comfort they need to deal with rejection. However, deep down they wish they could have it; they would never admit this, though, because they have to put up a front to their friends about how they think Ivey is for losers and is a waste of money.

Look around: you see this type of behaviour every day, whether it is a less-than-attractive girl telling herself that an attractive girl is dumb or a poor person thinking a rich and successful person is somehow evil.

This type of jealousy is everywhere, even in the political system. Liberals and socialists get satisfaction out of hurting the rich and successful through outrageously high taxes.

Sure, a lot of really smart people choose not to go to Ivey, as they have other career dreams and aspirations. However, they don’t tend to start Facebook groups or write into The Gazette telling people how much they hate Ivey.

Instead, they are proud of the program they are in and don’t feel the need to make fun of another faculty in order to make themselves feel good.

Samir, what do you know about Ivey anyway? You have never been in the program, so who are you to criticize it? You make fun of Ivey students because they volunteer and try to help out the less fortunate? That’s really cool, man.

You seem like a guy who has a lot of extra time on his hands, so maybe you should wipe up your jealousy tears and try volunteering sometime. However, that’s only if you can make time in your busy schedule of getting off to hating on Ivey.
"Jordan Riese
Ivey HBA Graduate/Economics

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