Gazette shies away from important Gaza issue

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
On Wednesday March 12, over 300 students joined hands in solidarity to peacefully protest the blockade in Gaza, which was representative of the protest that occurred in Gaza on Feb. 25.

The event was successfully organized, as prominent speakers voiced opinions on the situation while students used silence as a mechanism to send a powerful message of justice and peace.

Such an extraordinary event with wide student involvement would easily warrant a front-page story or, at the very least, some minor coverage in your student-based newspaper.

Unfortunately, as we eagerly flipped through The Gazette, we were disappointed to find no reference to the event.

The Gazette has never shied away from reporting on controversial issues, from rape to abortions to gay rights. Why choose to ignore something relevant to so many students?

Ironically, a significant point of this protest was to address the fact that the situation in Gaza is not getting enough media coverage. Desensitization to conflict in the Middle East is common, and a harsh reality, but long-term suffering should not devalue the lives of those affected.

We are not suggesting a certain representation of Palestinian/Israeli conflict in the newspaper. We are merely voicing that the event should have been covered, free of bias and personal agenda.

It is The Gazette’s job as a student-based newspaper to report issues relevant to the student community. This level of inaction clearly shows that the newspaper still needs to overcome biases of what it chooses to report and which students it chooses to represent.
"Stefanie Ierfino & Nora Gharib

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