Protest coverage vague, unclear and one-sided

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Last Wednesday, Western held two events regarding the political situation in the region of Palestine and Israel. The next day, like every day, I picked up a copy of The Gazette before heading to my classes.

Eager to read the coverage by the most popular paper around campus, I was certain an article would be dedicated to this event. As always, the article would not be one-sided and would only serve the purpose of increasing the awareness of our student body of events that occur around Western.

However, I was extremely disappointed when I saw The Gazette offered nothing but a picture with a vague, unclear and one-sided description of what actually occurred.

The job of any article in a respectable newspaper is to inform the reader of the event, and this small picture did no justice to the situation.

I expected a newspaper to take the responsibility to at least acknowledge both sides of such a controversial issue. The amount of time and energy required to put together these events warrants that in future cases all events are equally regarded.
"Dima Alsakka
Health Sciences

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