Gazette shows peace movements not a priority

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
I attended the peaceful human chain protest organized by students standing up for humanitarian causes in Gaza, and was very humbled by the turnout, as it proved Western students care about the situation in the Middle East.

As a bystander I realized the main goal of this event was to acknowledge the innocent civilians who were murdered in Gaza along with those who are living each day as if it were their last.

My disappointment is because there was absolutely no acknowledgment of this event; instead, The Gazette chose to focus on other student organizations.

I feel any student organization that puts forth effort to successfully organize a peaceful protest definitely deserves coverage, especially with the message the students were trying to spread, which is to end war and siege in Gaza.

I demand this sensitive issue be discussed in The Gazette in order to commemorate the organizers and spread awareness on campus.

As The Gazette failed to mention or even acknowledge the work of the students, I in turn will refuse to support The Gazette, as it has proven to be biased and unfit for informing students of what actually goes on at Western.

By choosing to ignore the success of the peace protest and its goals, you have proven peace movements are not a top priority. In this case, The Gazette does not represent the interests of the student body and has insulted those whose efforts went unnoticed.
"Danya Atta
Brescia University College

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