Palestinians ignore Israeli Gaza victims

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Gazette shows peace movements not a priority”
Mar. 19, 2008

To the editor:
I wish to commend Danya Atta for citing that “The main goal of the event was to acknowledge the innocent civilians who were murdered in Gaza along with those who are living each day as if it was their last.”

Clearly, this protest was for a noble and just cause. Yet Atta berates The Gazette for its lack of coverage of what actually goes on.

In the letter, Atta fails to mention the realities on the ground in Gaza, where its government, democratically elected Hamas, is engaged in a war with the state of Israel.

Each day, a terrorist organization in control of a small strip of land shoots Katyusha rockets into Israel. Each day, innocent civilians are forced to flee into bomb shelters, and many of those caught unaware are killed.

Yet there is no protest, no linking of arms in solidarity for these civilians who try to live each day as if it was their last. Where is the coverage for these men and women snuffed out in the prime of their lives?

If one really cared about what was happening in the Middle East, then they should take the time to respect the lives lost on both sides of this terrible conflict, and surely take the time to notice what is truly occurring halfway around the world.
"Kyle Giddens

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