Human chain organized before vigil

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
On the same day as the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights human chain, Israel on Campus booked Concrete Beach to hold a memorial for eight students murdered by a young Palestinian man in a seminary in Jerusalem.

This memorial is perfectly fine. They have every right to commemorate innocent victims. However, I would also like to correct [Israel on Campus’] false claim on the A-channel news that it planned its event before SPHR planned its demonstration.

I confirmed my attendance on the Facebook group “Action for Besieged Gaza: Forming a Human Chain on UCC Concrete Beach” during Reading Week; i.e. between Feb. 22 and Mar. 2. Israel on Campus could not have planned its event earlier than March 6, when the shooting in Jerusalem took place, unless its members prophesied what was going to happen to the eight students.

It dismayed me that those from Israel on Campus who showed up to the vigil failed to understand the human chain was formed because we do not want to see any more innocent people wounded or murdered.

I expected them to at least respect the speakers, because regardless of whether they agreed with what the speakers said, they should respect others’ opinions.

Every human has the right to live peacefully and to be respected, and every child has the right to live his or her childhood. Hence, I am equally sad when I hear of an Israeli or Palestinian child dying or living in horror, and I believe any human should feel the same.
"Nesma Hashem
Chemical Engineering II

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