More offensive spoof issues weren't boring

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
This year’s edition of The Gazette Spoof Issue was a huge success: it was not overly funny and could not be in any way, shape or form considered offensive to anyone.

That was clearly the goal, as all previous issues I have ever read were extremely clever, and potentially offensive to those who misinterpreted them (i.e. 2007 Spoof Issue).

Congratulations, Gazette writers, on making a Spoof Issue that could not offend anyone, and which was not humorous in the least. It is extremely obvious to any upper-year student who has read previous editions that this must have been your goal.

In the future, please abandon being politically correct (if only for this one issue each year) and go back to being very clever!
â€"Jayme Lesperance
Science IV

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