Negative conservative campaign inappropriate

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
On March 27, the UWO Tories positioned themselves in the University Community Centre adorned with “Stephane Dion is not a leader” paraphernalia as well as custom promotional material.

While I enjoy seeing political activity on campus, I feel someone ought to comment on the tone and theme of the group.

I was approached by one member who handed me a sheet reading “The Frenchurian Candidate.” As if that was not enough, the picture featured Dion snuggled between the tricolour French flag, wearing a beret.

The first line said Dion is a dual citizen, and that he wants to be our prime minister.

Why can’t an individual holding dual citizenship be our prime minister? There are no constitutional or legal barriers to prevent this, nor are there any hostilities between our country and France to warrant such suspicion of “Frenchurians.”

The insinuation was clear " he is more French than English. He even wears berets!

The Conservatives have done themselves a disservice. Perhaps years ago it may have been appropriate to place emphasis on outsiders, people of different ethnic groups and those who speak English as a second language. But it is juvenile and retrograde to make these things a priority over policy and legislation.

There were no pamphlets discussing the Conservative budget, policies or even philosophy. There was no mention of Afghanistan or Iraq. There was no mention even of taxes. The Conservatives were obviously disinterested in discussing policies to university students.

There was a billboard, granted, but it only had another photo of Dion conveniently caught in an awkward pose.

My point is the Conservatives are the government, and they will likely remain in that position for at least another few months. Rather than embarrassing themselves and discussing nationality, they should act like a responsible political party and talk about what they have accomplished.
"Andrew Duffield
Political Science II

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