Mouthing Off: Earth Hour

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I didn’t feel like [turning the lights off]; I had some other things to do, and I was doing homework.

But I think [environmental initiatives are] pretty important. I believe that we should recycle and that we should not pollute with poisons to the earth ... so I think we need everyone to do it.
"Nathan Armstrong
Science I

I’m pretty good with conserving water. I don’t keep lights on too much. My roommate’s really bad for that " he’s always leaving lights on " so I’m always on his case for that, so I’m doing my part right there (laughs).
"Jon Samosh
Psychology II

I did turn my lights off, because I thought it was important to participate in that kind of event and raise awareness.

In terms of actually saving power, [I don’t think things like Earth Hour can make a big difference]; in terms of creating awareness and causing other changes to happen, [I do].
"Amanda Hunt
Classical Studies II

Why not [turn the lights off for Earth Hour]? It seemed like it was a good enough reason. We don’t need to have our lights on all the time, so for one hour let’s see what difference you can make. Apparently it was a pretty big difference.
"Mark James
Philosophy II

I turn off the lights whenever I’m not using them or whenever I’m not home. I turn off all electrical stuff and try not to use too much water.
"Marissa Daniels
Psychology & Women’s Studies III

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