VP-CI's emotional attachment sign of dedication

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Board of Directors report cards”
Apr. 1, 2008

To the editor:
Apart from having an amazing executive committee, a big part of running one of the most successful White Ribbon campaigns at Western was the help I got from James Arthurs.

I only had one critic who dismissed the entire premise of the campaign while I was in the University Community Centre in front of the White Ribbon awareness display. That person was clearly frustrated and nothing I said changed his mind.

I was there when Arthurs stepped in, listened patiently for more than an hour to our conversation and tactfully dealt with the criticism and resolved the situation. I was there in Arthurs’ office when he talked to Jamie East about the PrideWestern executives.

I was there working with him the entire year, and I know from experience he deals with criticism patiently.

Also, the notion that he got too emotionally attached to his work is ludicrous. Saying this shows complete ignorance for the premise of these campaigns!

Anyone who doesn’t get emotionally involved running campaigns trying to end the thousands of women being raped, assaulted and abused, trying to end people of colour being harassed, trying to somehow help the millions of people devastated by HIV/AIDS and remembering the countless brave soldiers that gave us peace with their blood should not be running these campaigns.

The entire premise of running them is to get people emotionally involved to take action for social justice, equality and peace. Working with Arthurs on many campaigns over the year, I can confidently say he didn’t deserve to be humiliated with a C+. That was really unfair.
"Peter Lloyd Vincent
Biology & Sociology III

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