London bus drivers: learn how to drive

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Note to the London Transit Commission: please hire people that can actually drive the bus properly!

I ride the bus almost every day to and from campus, and there are many incompetent drivers. They brake way too hard, causing standing people to fall.

I can just picture someone too weak to hold on falling down and sustaining injuries. Also, please don’t brake like you’re a granny driver: i.e., when coming to a stop, continuously stepping on and off the brakes.

Did I mention these buses are not BMWs? Please don’t make crazy sharp turns. It would also be great if some of you kept your eyes on the road, and did not go over curbs when you’re driving 65 km/h.

I would like to think some of these drivers feel an ounce of responsibility for transporting so many people daily.

Finally, please arrive on time. I absolutely hate it when I have to wait another 15-30 minutes for another bus because a driver decided to take an extended smoke break.

It just sucks to be at a bus stop five to eight minutes before the bus should arrive, then have to wait an additional 15-30 minutes for it to come again! For all the other drivers who are exceptional on the job, this rant is not directed at you " continue the good work.
Science IV

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