Look forward to coming back to school, not leaving for summer

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

There’s a decent chance you’re reading this column as you take a study break, taking a few minutes off from hours of intellectually backbreaking essay-writing to clear your head for a moment.

Given the circumstances, there’s a decent chance you can’t wait until school ends.

I’m going the other way; I don’t want to leave. Sure, it’s my final year at Western and I’m feeling a little nostalgic, but that’s not the reason. I’ve had the same sentiments every year when classes ended.

Think about it for a moment. What do you enjoy more: your summer job or your classes? Would you rather be writing an essay or doing nine to five?

I absolutely love my summer job, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world, but the 7 a.m. wakeups tend to be a bit much by the end of the summer " far worse than having to stay up late finishing a paper.

I love my summer job, but I love my classes more. I love finding the perfect topic for an essay, and I love it even more when I make a breakthrough in my argument. I’m not a huge fan if that argument falls apart, but it’s usually worth it for the satisfaction of stapling the pages together when I’m finally finished.

More importantly, I love the meaning in the work I’m doing. Studying Socrates is slightly more fulfilling than filing in the summer.

It would be pretty safe at this point to call me a nerd, but my affinity for the philosophy department isn’t the only reason I wish the school year wasn’t ending.

How much less often do you party when you’re at home in the summer? How many of your friends aren’t even around? And if you’re staying in London, by the same token, how many of your school friends have gone home?

It’ll be great to see my high school friends when I get back, but I’ve got a few decent ones here I’ll miss over the next few months. While we’re waiting so intently for school itself to be over, we often forget that means we’re also dispatching with the lifestyle that goes with it.

As far as your living situation is concerned, don’t pretend for a moment that having a home-cooked meal is worth missing out on your house, residence room or apartment for the next four months.

A lot of people are eager to be done with school for financial reasons. I sure hope I’ll have more money when I enter the working world, because I don’t have a whole lot right now.

But I’ll take this lifestyle, the learning and this type of work any day. I return again to comparing summer with school. Sure, I have a lot more money in the summer, but I don’t have half as much fun with that money as I do at school.

I don’t mean to imply I’m not ready to go. After four years, I know it’s time I got out of here.

What I do mean is to tell every first, second and third-year out there to enjoy the experience, and to look forward not to going home, but rather to coming back.

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