Tolerating hate only allows it to foster

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “The best way to beat racism is to be tolerant of it”
Apr. 8, 2008

To the editor:
I am wondering how Mr. McLellan and Mr. Knox can be so hopelessly naive. Ignoring racism does not make it go away, and tolerating it only allows it to foster beneath the surface.

While we live in a tolerant society, in order to perpetuate it one of the things we must not tolerate is an attempt to make any minority group " religious, ethnic or otherwise " feel like it is under attack.

As for the religion (or lack thereof) of the graffiti artist, I would hope they feel the same way I do: that in our society there is no place for hateful rhetoric.
"Salam L’Kulam V’lekol Am, Benjamin Daniel Stern Singer

To the editor:
The letter basically asserted racists should have their views tolerated in the name of a tolerant society.

This brings to light a very frightening point. It is a serious issue when someone believes they can justify inaction against hate for the sake of tolerance.

If we were to go by this logic, then a tolerant society would have been in favour of allowing Adolf Hitler and his parade of intolerance and hate to run free in Europe, completely unopposed.

Why wouldn’t we? We need to be tolerant of all people, as the authors wrote, so why not Hitler, Josef Stalin or Pol Pot? Ultimately, we must ask the authors: does the value of tolerance and acceptance trump the need to oppose what is wrong? The answer is no.

The authors suggest empathy is the only solution. But if we don’t stand strong in our resistance of hatred and actions that incite hatred, then our empathy is nothing but immorality.

And if we want a safe and secure society that does not tolerate hate and violence, we need to understand our moral obligation is to stand up against hate, no matter how ‘intolerant’ it may seem.
"Daniel Himmel
Second Year

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