Precedent set by recent proroguing

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
For those who have been following Canadian politics lately, last month’s decision by the Governor General to prorogue Parliament sets a very sad and worrisome precedent.

In a country where many people are pushing for an overhaul to our country’s electoral system " favouring some form of proportional representation so that the voice of more Canadians can be heard in the House of Commons " we have to be worried when coalition governments are inhibited from forming by power-hungry politicians desperate for power.

Any form of proportional representation that we implement will undoubtedly lead to a greater number of minority parliaments, requiring elected parties to work together. Yet, when three parties who represent the majority of elected MPs tried to work together to make our Parliament functional now, the Governor General instead allowed the doors of Parliament to be locked and for the work of our government to stop.

I’m afraid that the days of effective government in this country are coming to an end and the days of extreme partisanship, decentralization of power and the breakup of our wonderful country are on the horizon, unless more Canadians speak up now.
" Jason Brown
PhD Biology

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