Gaza conflict needs more than two sides

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Gaza letter generates debate”
Jan. 13, 2009

To the editor:
I applaud The Gazette for providing students with an open forum to discuss actual issues such as the ongoing conflict in Gaza. While just about every relevant issue in this polarizing debate has been explored, I just wanted to write a commentary about the outcry from both sides of this debate.

To those who have been completely polarized by these events and write to The Gazette clearly on one side or another, you need to open your eyes and stop being so narrow-minded. Definitively labelling actions by either side as “war crimes” and “violations of the Geneva Convention” are irresponsible snap judgments. The fact of the matter is, there is much we do not know about the recent uptick in intensity in the region and we will not know until months, even years after this episode ends. While we all have the right to our own biases and viewpoints on the subject, when I read blatantly lopsided commentaries from clear supporters on either side, I feel as though contributors are completely missing the point of having this open forum.

Instead of writing a criticism of the other sides’ point of view so you can earn a few “high fives” from friends and pat yourself on the back, why don’t you ask questions about the other sides’ stance so you can better understand their side of the issue? Instead of blindly criticizing the U.S. and Canadian government, why not pose rhetorical questions about the reasoning behind their political maneuvering? People who write in claiming to know how to better handle these foreign crises than the foreign policy experts in our government may have the right to do so, but diminish their own credibility when they do.

Use this forum not to spread propaganda and conflict, but rather to spread transparency and understanding. You can believe whatever you want but please, keep your Israeli/Palestinian bashing off the pages of The Gazette " save that for when you are sitting around debating the issue with your friends who all agree with you anyway.
" Zak Katz

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