Long live the long weekend

Facing off in Family Day debate

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I returned to Western after the mid-year break refreshed and recharged to tackle my third last-semester ever. There’s nothing like a holiday to give you a new lease on life.

As students, we are lucky that we only need to make it to mid-February for our next holiday breather. If I ever finally graduate from this fine institution, I will be thankful that Family Day will be there for me in February.

Ontarians have long suffered with no holiday between New Year’s and Easter. How nine-to-five office workers ever survived is a complete mystery to me.

Some people say the new holiday has crippled employers by removing a valuable workday and hampering productivity. Some people are idiots.

The U.S. and several provinces already have a holiday on the same day; clearly a developed country can handle an extra holiday.

Also, productivity increases in the week leading up to a long weekend and in the four-day week following it. This is because instead of floating through the motions of an unending stretch of work people actually have hope.

Some people say a holiday during the harsh Canadian winter is a waste. If we are going to have another holiday it might as well be during our lovely summers. Some people are discriminatory and, frankly, un-Canadian.

Cold and snowy freeze-the-snot-in-your-nose winter is part of being Canadian. We should have just as many opportunities to enjoy a long weekend in the winter as we do in the summer.

I’m tired of people being anti-winter. Many people love having a long weekend to go skiing or be in a curling bonspiel. Even if you don’t enjoy outdoor winter events, take the opportunity on Family Day to do one of winter’s best activities " sleep in late in a warm bed drinking Baileys with a touch of coffee.

If you can’t enjoy a long weekend in the dead of winter, you can get out. Move to Florida " I hear houses are cheap.

In reality, Family Day has finally reversed a grave injustice. For years, I have only been able to enjoy monthly long weekends in summer. I would rather go skiing than to the beach and I’m tired of seasonal discrimination.

Until November and March get long weekends I will continue to fight for equality in seasonal holiday distribution.

The name of new holidays is irrelevant. Call it “Everyone Hates Dave Ward Day” for all I care as long as I have a four-day workweek afterwards.

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