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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Think outside the box for education”
Jan. 15, 2009

To the editor:
The author of “Think outside the box for education” was frustrated with mandatory mathematics-based courses and felt his time would be better spent on creative pursuits such as tackling world hunger.

Consider the issue of Genetically Modified crops, which can be designed to be more resistant to pests and environmental stresses. In developing countries GM crops have been proven to reduce pesticide use and to increase yields " which improves prospects for small-scale farmers. How could this have been accomplished if the persons who designed these crops did not have a strong academic background in bioengineering?

Furthermore, what about the global energy situation? Sustainable power generation technologies are being developed all over the world, but we cannot just dream them into existence. We need technical knowledge to support creative ideas in order to make them a reality.

Sorry, sir, but you cannot solve the world’s problems by wishing them away. Real solutions require people to take action. The purpose of education " even of the courses we may not like " is to prepare us to solve problems effectively and to gain the necessary background knowledge to bring these solutions to fruition. Creative ideas are meaningless unless you know how to execute them properly.
" Erin DeVeber
Mechanical Engineering III

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