Rec Centre a gem despite complaints

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “New addition a beauty with flaws”
Jan. 9, 2009

To the editor:
I like the new gym. There, I said it. I know I’m part of a minority but there are some of us who actually enjoy the new recreation centre.

All I’ve read about lately is what a disappointment the new facility is and how it hasn’t lived up to its, in my opinion, unattainable expectations. This facility wasn’t meant to cure cancer " it’s a big building stocked with workout equipment meant to serve as many people as possible. In that sense, it has fulfilled its duty. Granted, I am only a recent convert to the world of fitness, but the new recreation centre definitely played a major role in my newly acquired desire to work off those late night poutines.

People continue to complain that the layout of the machines is intimidating, but I find it encouraging. Seeing all those machines lined up and full of people breaking a sweat reminds me of sitting down in the library at exam time knowing everyone around me is working hard, making me feel like I’m somehow soaking up all their motivation and using it towards my own work.

I also like the fact that it has its own space dedicated strictly to functioning as a gym and nothing else. I never associated the University Community Centre with good physical health, but more the salivating-inducing aroma of a Williams’ wrap. The gym and the UCC were an unholy marriage I never supported. While I admit the UCC is central, making the old gym well located, hearing people complain about the gym’s new “inconvenient” location and the two flights of stairs one must take from the change rooms to the cardio area is so frustrating. You are going to exercise and you’re complaining about walking there and climbing a few stairs? Is this not contradictory?

For those who have yet to experience the new recreation centre, please don’t be discouraged by anything you’ve recently read or heard and take advantage of the new gym. Instead of a colossal disappointment, hopefully you’ll see the impressive and efficient $35 million facility you paid for to enjoy and not shun.
" Andrea Klein

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