London not properly plowed

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Inclement weather stretching London, Western snow budgets thin”
Jan. 16, 2009

To the editor:
Despite its budgets being stretched I agree that Western has maintained a clean and easily traversable campus, clearly making student safety its highest priority. Yet I ask, since students make up a large portion of London’s population, why doesn’t the City of London ensure the safety and ease of transportation for the majority of its residents?

While the City of London claims its budgets are strained from all the snow removal needed since late October, a walk in the city streets hardly reflects a functional operation. Sure the roads are fine, but the majority of people living in London " i.e. students " don’t have cars and rely on the sidewalks and bus stops to get to school. As a student without a car, I trudge through mounds of snow on the sidewalks each week to and from the bus stop; once I get to the bus stop, I practically have to long jump over the snow bank to get on the bus.

If London’s snow removal operation priorities are “clearing the roads, sidewalks and bus stops,” then why is only one-third of this job being completed? To me, it doesn’t look like those plowing have the “tendency to miss the bus bays,” but that they’re just too lazy to do a proper job. I can understand inclement weather creating an economic impact if the snow keeps falling and the plows keep plowing, but I cannot understand an economic impact with no results. Every day the sidewalks and bus bays look relatively the same. Where is all this money going?

To end this issue, I will offer an affordable solution that will not only save the City of London some cash but also please its customers " those in charge of plowing can go out with their own personal shovels and get the job done. Doesn’t sound plausible? Then let’s see all this money in action.
" Brittany Funston
English III

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