Too soon to vote yes, stick with no

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Yes, No Campaigns launched for UCC renovations”
Jan. 29, 2009

To the editor:
To think that we’re considering putting millions into another project immediately after the erection of the Western Student Recreation Centre is utterly absurd.

I’m a fourth year student who only gets to benefit from this facility for one term, yet paid for a chunk of its development through tuition fees. Now to think future students may have to invest in something that is projected to cost in excess of $27 million is unallowable. My stance is definitely with the No Campaign.

The idea of a complete revamp is jumping the gun. I understand construction costs are to go down with the new budget, but why not do some trial runs of alternative ways of utilizing the area for the time being.

As I see it, most of the facilities within the University Community Centre that need to be restructured are the gyms, squash courts and workout areas. Instead of drawing a consensus based on polls, why not open up these spaces, like the gyms and workout rooms (with the exception of the squash courts, leaving them intact since courts are always booked at the recreation centre), throw in some lounging furniture and let the students decide whether we’re going to utilize this extra space or not. An open concept type of atrium would work within the gyms and would provide a multi-purpose area for socializing, eating and other such activities.

I think in the long run if we build without proper knowledge it’s a major waste of resources, which could be utilized in more important ways. I don’t know all the facts; it’s just a thought.
" Niroshen Premalingam
Anthropology IV

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