It's as simple as a Solar Grove

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
I’m pretty much a single-issue guy. I don’t care about hate speech or dance studios or cleaning bathroom stalls. All I really care about is the environment. For that reason, I must say that the candidates in this University Students’ Council election are letting me down when it comes to their environmental policies.

I’ve got a proposition for them. I want whoever wins to build me a Solar Grove (Google it). It’s a simple concept " you build a photovoltaic array over the Huron and Springett Parking lots, which will provide Western with a substantial amount of clean energy. The parking lots will remain fully functional since the panels are raised off the ground on pillars. If you think this will be expensive, you’re right. But you can always divert funding from the $10,000-a-year Green Fund " instead of pissing it all away on coffee cup gathering initiatives. Besides, the savings on the university’s energy bill will pay for the unit in about five years.

Everyone knows that the new president of the USC will have to develop a strong relationship with Dr. Amit Chakma. Last time I checked he’s fairly keen on carbon sequestration. It was one of his research interests actually. So why not show him how environmentally responsible the USC really is? Or you could just install a bunch of composting bins. Whatever.
" Mike Dewar
BSc. Geology, Philosophy IV

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