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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Striking a balance: Student councils must decide where to draw the line on free speech”
Jan. 23, 2009

To the editor:
In response to the article “Striking a Balance,” I think it is important to have an update on the situation at Lakehead University.

On Jan. 21, when Lakehead Life Support and the Lakehead University Student Union met with the Constitutional Development Committee to review LUSU’s amendment, a consensus was made that the restrictions infringed upon students’ freedom of speech and was in fact discriminatory and could therefore not be accepted on a university campus. The amendment was basically abolished.

LUSU’s initial imposition of restrictions was not an action taken to control harassment, but to silence views and beliefs of particular groups. It was blatant discrimination and should not be tolerated on a university campus.

It is encouraging to see campuses like Western open and welcoming to all groups who hold a variety of opinions on issues.
" Renee Schmitz
Asst. Western Canada Director
National Campus Life Network

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