Misinformed hockey talk

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Hating on hockey players revisited, revised”
Jan. 29, 2009

To the editor:
Nikolaj Jensen’s letter to the editor about hockey players signing contracts midway through the season warrants the mention of some interesting information.

The major error in Jensen’s letter is that he states it is a “fact” that Mats Sundin is a better player than Brendan Shanahan. Jensen says the reason Sundin signed for $20 million over two years and Shanahan signed for $0.8 million for one year is that Sundin is simply a better player than Shanahan. This statement is “incorrect at best and deliberately dishonest at worst” to use Jensen’s own words.

The fact that Shanahan is the 11th all-time goal-scorer in the National Hockey League (almost 100 goals more than Sundin) and scored 20 or more goals in 19 straight seasons, is proof enough Sundin is no better a player than Shanahan. Although Shanahan’s numbers last season may not have been great, his 46 points were more than half of Sundin’s 78. Also, in his first five games back with the Devils, Shanahan has three goals and four points and Sundin has two goals and three points in his first nine games with Vancouver. Does this performance really deserve 12.5 times the money?

The “fact” that Sundin is a better player than Shanahan seems to be an uneducated opinion after all.
" Matthew Klaas
Chemical Engineering IV

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