Applauding O-Week for accessibility

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
What an achievement â€" the University Students’ Council took a detailed look at Orientation Week accessibility and brought forward solutions to what seems to be extensive difficulties for students with disabilities to participate both as frosh and sophs. I applaud these efforts because every student should have the ability as long as they have the will to involve themselves.

I am the Head Soph for MIT and one of the greatest moments as a soph has been working closely with students who either require or advocate for accessible programs and places. The O-Week Accessibility Task Force that Stephen Lecce took upon himself to lead is one example â€" I hope of many to come â€" that the USC believes in reviewing and improving its programming.

I have every faith that next year’s Orientation co-ordinator, Jeff Rajesky, will make this a priority. So for my first year friends who will arrive in September and to the sophs and prospective sophs, Orientation Week 2009 will be better off. Well done, USC.
â€" Chantel Bowen
MIT Head Soph

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