Don't only go halfway to green

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
After reading over the current University Students’ Council presidential candidates’ platforms, I noticed the environment is certainly an area of focus for all candidates. However, none of these candidates have proposed to do something about the amount of energy used and, more specifically, wasted by Western.

As a science undergrad I’m constantly in and out of Middlesex College, Western Science Centre, Physics & Astronomy Building and Natural Science at all hours of the day. These buildings (and I’m sure many others on campus) never have their lights turned off or the computers in their labs shut down, even when they are locked from the outside.

Would it be so hard for Western to incorporate some kind of timer system for their lighting? If a building is locked from the outside, its lights should be turned off or at least be reduced. It would also not be too hard to incorporate a system shutdown for the computers in the labs that would allow for a user still at work to cancel the shutdown for their specific machine.

I invite these environmentally concerned USC presidential candidates to take a walk through campus late at night and see this problem for themselves. I’m not a huge environmentalist; I just think that if these candidates are going to push Western into a greener future, they shouldn’t half-ass it.
" Kevin Fielding
Computer Science II

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