USC needs more than a cheerleader

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Election time is so exciting â€" the variety, the wit, the grassroots approach (posters on cardboard), the in-your-face purple, the who-can-dress-up-more-outrageously-to-prove-to-us-poor-Plebians-how-much-of-a-professional-you-are. How many times can you say, “Western we love you, Western U RARARA?”

How many of you are going to vote based on how funny their names are, or how pretty their faces? It’s like voting for the King of Fools at Carnivale, in this case.

If this were a real student government, there would be an opposition. There is no official opposition. Instead, it’s more of a corporation. The USC is a corporation with a Board of Directors to make the student population happy like a for-profit Optimists Club. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, this a great thing. The school should be run like a corporation, which it is. Just don’t give me that bull crap poster of you staring off into the distance heroically like Mussolini (P.S. Charities and stuff like that are also good. That’s what Optimists Clubs do).

What the school needs is not somebody to be a cheerleader, but an intelligent, get-the-job-done utterly bureaucratic individual. The ideal hard-boiled CEO. Because, when you have multiple-million dollar budgets, it’s best to be stoic about it. I’m not going to vote for anybody who displays his or her political worth by splurging on razzle-dazzle for a campaign. You’re not a figurehead. J.W. is a figurehead. If you can smile and be pleasant, that’s great, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to vote.

But I also don’t want to have one of those prissy wimps, who have to make everybody happy, nod all the time and party every Saturday for the sake of keeping up an image.

I don’t care about Western as a political entity. It’s a university where there are awesome people, important things to learn and do, just like any other university. I love the people, not the entity. Just saying, “I love Western. Yay (Kermit the Frog wave)” means absolutely nothing.

Is there a candidate like this? You have my vote. Otherwise, it’s whoever’s hotter.
â€" Ben Sajo
Music III

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