Service at The Wave a huge turn off

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Just this afternoon a friend and I decided to sit down for lunch at The Wave. Usually the experience we get is a good one; however, the other day was a shocking exception.

After being greeted with rolling eyes " God forbid we requested to sit at a booth " and being seated by a visibly sick server who proceeded to cough on her hands and subsequently provide us with cutlery, the experience continued to snowball rapidly downhill. Some onus is on me for being unaware of the food I was ordering but at the risk of trying a new dish I made the choice to do so. Managing to force down only a few bites, the choice was made to inform our server that it was sub-par.

After concern for her eyes becoming lodged in the back of her skull, we managed a conversation with a manager who handled the situation appropriately, or so we thought. After being provided with less than half of the reimbursement for the meal, when the bill arrived there appeared to be another minor discrepancy. Once again our server was unable to keep customer-service in mind and proceeded to argue with us before the situation was resolved.

Now while I understand that there is some risk to be taken when dining at a student-employed/university restaurant, I don’t think that this should be an excuse for the complete lack of customer service provided by our server. A rude greeting, a rushed ordering and an endless stream of negativity pouring out of her was enough for both of us to be completely turned off. People have completely lost the concept of the way to act properly at a job.

Discussing your personal life within ear-shot of customers, finishing up personal conversations with other servers while people are waiting to be seated, giving the customer attitude, picking a fight with the customer, etc. None of these are appropriate ways to act at a job and hopefully this conduct won’t be tolerated in other places of work as it is with places that employ students. You may just be working at The Wave or Tim Hortons but it’s still a job and people are still paying for a service " customer service. Hopefully someone gives these employees and businesses a wake up call because they’re losing customers left, right and centre. Why pay for someone to treat you poorly? I can’t see a reason.
" Nicole Borsi
Criminology II

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