Rowe's campaign leaves a mess

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Candidates’ true colours trash campus”
Feb. 24, 2009

To the editor:
I would like to build upon Matt Gayford’s letter about the trash left on University Hill by the University Students’ Council presidential candidates. Not only are the big wooden supports still sitting on the grass, but also the fake flowers and plastic rings that Emily Rowe used for publicity are still on the railing. This litter is an eyesore and dirties our campus environment.

I would hope that our presidential candidates, who claim to be major leaders on campus, would clean up after themselves. It is especially sad that Ms. Rowe, who touted herself as “environmentally conscious,” has left her trash for others to clean up.
" Carly Martin
Philosophy MA

To the editor:
I was walking down to Talbot when something caught my unusually attentive eye, prompting me to such a fury that I began foaming at the mouth and lashing out at passersby. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I was not impressed to see that Emily Rowe’s campaign committee has a complete lack of respect for our campus.

When the campaigning began, the waste quickly piled up and every new addition to the political propaganda brought a cringe to my gut as I imagined the clean-up job ahead. But, much to my relief, after the vote all campaign advertisements were collected and discarded; that is, all except one trail made by Rowe’s campaigners.

If you take the walkway from Ivey to Talbot, you may remember the day when those railings were suffocated with fake fuchsia flowers and purple tags in support of Emily Rowe. You may also remember how halfway through that day most of those flowers and tags had fallen off and were strewn around University College Hill.

But let’s try to forget the mess that was made that day, because what I noticed today was not the two-week old scattering of fake flowers and purple tags. No, what I saw was the stem-carcasses of those flowers still tied to the railings, their petals long ago torn from their synthetic limbs and their bony remains clutching to the plastic ties that grasp them. And, where the stems were successfully torn off, plastic ties remain securely fastened every 10 inches along the railing. Should this not have been cleaned up the day after the election? Or during Reading Week at the latest? Yes, yes it should have.

I don’t wish to hold Emily Rowe personally responsible for the actions of her campaign committee, but it’s hard not to. Her committee represents her, and their actions are, in an extended sense, her own. I would hope her committee would have the consideration to clean up after themselves, because it does not reflect well on Rowe when the mess is pushed aside and forgotten.

I realize there are bigger issues in the world than plastic stems on the railings by Talbot. It just pisses me off when garbage is being left for someone else to clean up. I would like to see the person who will be leading our school for the next year begin by showing our beautiful campus some respect. I don’t think that is too much to ask.
" Kristyn Fetter
Arts and Humanities III

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