Phelps scandal old news, hopefully

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
Let this be the final thwack against the horse carcass that has become the Michael Phelps story. Recently, the media decried the abhorrent and despicable actions of a national hero " Michael Phelps, 23-years-old, smoked a bong. “Michael Phelps has failed the youth of America.”

Poor kid, he’s become a lightning rod for hate. I get it, although he’s 23, he’s a national icon; it was a boneheaded move. If you’re going to smoke a giant-ass bong, don’t let people take a picture of you smoking that giant-ass bong. But the more I see this coverage, the more I can’t stand this silly and illogical public flogging.

Talking heads with great hair across the nation believe that when kids see what Phelps did it equals “bad things.” If they really believed this, why are they reporting it? They are acting as an integral piece for this horrible influence on the children of the nation. They are beaming this so-called message of self-destruction into innocent eyeballs across the nation. Silence would give them no reason to speak about it, speaking about it does.

Some might call this a conundrum, maybe a paradox; I would say it’s just hypocritical. And yes, I understand the media’s role is to be a passive receptacle for newsworthy items. They are but a mere vehicle for reporting Phelps’ action; he pulled the proverbial trigger and he should face the consequences. Indeed, if we see someone shoot another person, we do not blame the gun. But if we could, would we not disable the gun?

I get it, it’s called the news business for a reason " the story sells. But, if these talking heads really believe what they are saying, doesn’t that explanation make their actions even worse than hypocritical? They are essentially willing to erode the morality of the nation’s children for money. Or maybe they really don’t think pot is that bad. This guy sure as hell doesn’t, “I inhaled frequently. That was the point” " Barack Obama
" Eric Bombicino
Philosophy V

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