STUDENT mag misses the mark

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
My question for the editors at the new magazine STUDENT is, really? A magazine whose goal is apparently to reflect what is really on the minds of students? I propose the question to fellow Gazette readers " on whose minds was it to objectify barely legal Western girls, after an already tarnished Western reputation following the Saugeen Stripper incident? The girls are gorgeous " no doubt " but in an article titled “Summer dream in a sub-zero scene,” how about a part two: barely legal naked men in boxers frosted with falling snow? Or would that not reflect the editor’s interests?
" Samantha Ierullo
Certificate of Ethics IV

To the editor:
Yesterday, as I sat down in my 8:10 a.m. class, I was greeted by a magazine that was distributed by a representative of my student council to every student in class. I awakened from my early morning daze upon seeing my peer on the cover in a manner that simply objectifies her. I understand that a group is essentially free to create this kind of document and distribute it; however, I am also aware that in order to distribute it on this university campus there are protocols to ensure students are not spammed with random documents.

The university campus was infested with this magazine. However, after the initial shock I decided to take a look at what was inside so as to not “judge a magazine by its cover.” I found it even more humiliating. Not only did it have further examples of objectified females, but I found it essentially promoting Western as being the homogenous “party-school” that Western has been working hard to remove from its reputation. This magazine is a misrepresentation of student life here on campus and I am disappointed that it was permitted to be distributed to all students.

This type of marketing on behalf of Western affects me and every student wishing to hold a degree from this institution. I call on all people displeased by this magazine and what it represents to express your disdain to this distasteful magazine. Keep your eyes open to any work that will occur to remove this negative image.
" Youssef Kamar

To the editor:
I am writing in regards to the STUDENT Magazine that has been distributed across campus on March 2, 2009.

As a graduate student at Western, I am disgusted that this magazine was approved to be circulated around campus. The objectification of women in this magazine is appalling. Women have walked great lengths in our history to be deemed as equals to their male counterparts.

This issue not only degrades the intellectual successes of the women who have walked this university campus, but also manages to strip 52 per cent of the population of their dignity and deeper competencies. If the University of Western Ontario is represented by this “STUDENT Magazine,” then I really am ashamed to be a part of this institution which values the mass consumption of alcohol, half-naked girls in the snow, mindless activities and the immaturity of sexualizing a recipe.
" Dina Al-Sabawi
Faculty of Education

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