Serving up a response to complaint

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Service at The Wave a huge turn off”
Feb. 12, 2009

To the editor:
The Wave Restaurant and Bar strives to provide great customer service for all individuals who are part of the Western community as well as the London community. As one of the busiest restaurants in London, we pride ourselves on providing a good experience for students, by students.

That being said, after reading Nicole Borsi’s letter about her abhorrent experience we began to realize her attitude likely had a large role to play in her negative experience. It’s hard to take someone at face value when they say they normally have a good experience at the restaurant and then watch them plunge into a ridiculous diatribe.

Never before has the experience of eating sounded so painful. We read with terror Borsi’s account of how she had to force down bites of our sub-par food before trying to appropriately “manage a conversation with a manager.”

We think Borsi would perhaps feel differently about her experience if she had a little further understanding on how the food and beverage business works. In terms of seating, we do our best to accommodate all seating requests. But in an establishment where it can only take 10 minutes to go from slow to packed, such accommodations cannot always be made. So if we take you to a table instead of a booth there is a reason behind it.

We’re also a little puzzled by the need for Borsi to write a letter to the editor about her experience. Most of our customers who don’t like their food are pleased to receive not only a discount on their meal but a free dessert. Additionally, because The Wave is owned and operated by the University Students’ Council and is in partly funded by student fees, we wonder if Borsi realized her meal discount actually took money from the pockets of students?

All this leads us to our last point. Unless you have worked in a restaurant, serving others, you will not understand the efforts and hard work put into serving at a restaurant, especially one of such calibre as The Wave. In conclusion, we, the proud Wave staff would like to invite Ms. Borsi to serve with us on Charity Day, when university staff gets a hands-on experience at what it’s like to work at The Wave. Hope to see you there.
" Lauren Shunock, Alyshia Kiczma, Allison Bowen
The Wave serving staff

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