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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Student mag misses the mark”
March 4, 2009

To the editor:
Perhaps the gentleman who claimed to have read the magazine so as not to “judge a magazine by its cover” missed the address from the editor where he said, and I quote: “Whether it’s about fashion, love, student issues, world issues or something random " any article will do. So get the word out and start writing.”

The fact of the matter is " the magazine is a reflection of the articles contributed by students. If you do not feel that the diversity of Western’s culture is accurately represented, why not, instead of complaining and seeking to have the magazine discontinued, contribute to the change you would like to see and really make STUDENT Canada’s student experience magazine. Imagine if instead of sending in disapproving letters to the editor of The Gazette, individuals invested their time in sending in articles representing a diversity of opinion and interest to STUDENT " what a different production it might be then.

Finally, in response to the complaint of objectifying women, the last time I checked equality was about choice. I am certain that none of the girls in the issue were coerced or forced in any manner to participate as models. Why then, I wonder, do some claim that this degrades the “intellectual successes of the women who have walked this university campus” or “strip(s) 52 per cent of the population of their dignity and deeper competencies.”

I certainly do not feel as though my dignity is stripped when I read Cosmopolitan, Fashion, Vogue or any of the other plentitude of magazines geared towards women with spreads of bathing suits, nor do I now. Snap judgments of the women in this publication are merely a reflection of the reader’s own insecurities and prejudices. But just for the fun of it, I vote to include a spread of naked men in bathing suits in the next issue.
" Lauren Hockin
Engineering III, Science I

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