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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “STUDENT responds to students”
March 6, 2009

To the editor:
Bailey Spagat claims that the purpose of STUDENT magazine is to provide students with an outlet to get published. She also claims that the photo shoot of Western students in bikinis, “Summer Dream in a Sub-zero Scene,” was art and that the females portrayed are aspiring models who were not objectified in any way.

The photo shoot of half-naked females standing in the snow was not exactly an original concept. Claiming the shoot was art while airbrushing the aspiring models within an inch of their lives is a cop-out. The swimwear could have easily been showcased in a much classier manner than planting females in the snow and giving the spread a Playboy-like feel, complete with quotations and the interests of the females on the side of the photos.

Perhaps some students did jump to conclusions after seeing what seemed to be a soft-core porn spread in the middle of the magazine. As for myself, I did read the entire magazine and there was not much to be said for the rest of it. The writing was weak, clichéd and generally portrayed Western students as a bunch of slackers who party too much and tell offensive jokes.

Spagat calls for other students looking to be published to step forward, because STUDENT “is not afraid to say what’s on our minds.” Frankly, as a published writer myself, I would be embarrassed to see my work printed in STUDENT magazine, hidden amongst photo spreads of half-naked models being objectified and poorly written articles. As a female, I was shocked that the women who wrote for the premiere issue of the magazine were willing to put their names on such an offensive piece of work.

If STUDENT is looking to publish what is on the minds of students, they should be listening to the outcries of many at Western and find some quality writers who have intelligent things to say. There is a reason why this type of magazine is an overlooked market " because student-run publications like this one ruin it for everyone and portray university students as a bunch of idiots.
" Lindsay Marshall
English IV

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