The Wave still comes up short

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Serving up a response to complaint”
March 5, 2009

To the editor:
After reading the response letter to Nicole Borsi from Lauren Shunock, Alyshia Kiczma and Allison Bowen of The Wave restaurant, I am left with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I grew up in the restaurant-rich city of Stratford and am a 10-plus year veteran of the service industry. Although I am by no means a leading expert, I do know my way around a restaurant.

The Wave is a very busy restaurant " I’ll give them that. However, you cannot use that as an excuse for poor or mediocre service. If you are so busy that you have to start making compromises, then you need to adjust your staffing schedules or organization of sections to accommodate the high volume. Service must always come first.

The industry has a very high intrinsic turnover rate, which makes it hard to maintain a high quality staff. Again, this cannot be an excuse for compromises in service. I’m sure the individuals from The Wave know these things, but excuses are what their letter brings to the table.

My personal experiences at The Wave have never needed to end with free dessert or discounts, but I have been brought the wrong food, cold food, and on occasion, the right food made incorrectly. Not to mention that I have never received what I would consider timely service. My experiences point to a sloppy work environment with inexperienced staff and managers, but I can’t say for sure without having experienced their restaurant from the other side. Truthfully, this is all too common in restaurants and as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

The bottom line is that I rank The Wave restaurant about equal to a Swiss Chalet. Some might consider this a huge success. Myself, I prefer to strive for perfection and would consider this a failure. When the girls wrote about not understanding the effort and hard work that goes into a restaurant “of such calibre as The Wave,” I became confused as to where they think their restaurant ranks in the grand scheme of things. If they view Swiss Chalet service as high calibre, then they have attained greatness. However, if they are of the belief that service of the highest possible calibre is provided at The Wave, I am sad to inform them that they are mistaken.

To the above mentioned servers at The Wave restaurant: You wrote your letter as ambassadors of your restaurant and it is my belief that you did a disservice to your coworkers in doing so. Customers are always right " always, even when they are wrong. I read Ms. Borsi’s letter and I see no reason to attack her character or point fingers at her attitude. She wasn’t rude in any way; she merely pointed out shortcomings in her experience at your restaurant. You should be ashamed of yourselves for attacking her.

To the customers of restaurants everywhere: please be nice. Our jobs are not as easy as they may seem. Also, we earn less than minimum wage so please leave a gratuity.
" Brian Sutton-Quaid
Biology IV

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