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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “STUDENT mag misses the mark”
March 4, 2009

To the editor:
My question for everyone complaining about STUDENT magazine is, really?

I am not entirely sure how you define “barely legal,” but in Ontario the age of majority is 18. Now I personally don’t know many 3rd or 4th year students, let alone alumni who I would say are even close to “barely legal.” Although, considering this photoshoot was compared to the vinyl nurse outfit-wearing Saugeen Stripper, I guess your definition of close is a little skewed.

Youssef, congratulations on making it to your 8:10 a.m. class, and thank you for wasting the second of my life it took for you to tell me that. I wonder: did you speak to your peer about her cover shot? Or are you making an assumption so you can write a letter because the very humourous “Ivey 101” hurt your feelings? I am not sure what campus you attend but calling STUDENT’s picture of UWO “a misrepresentation of student life” makes me wonder if it is Western. What kind of students might ever suffer from hangovers, build a ping-pong cannon, play mindless games in class or need a grade change form? I will give you a hint, lots of them.

Shocking that the University Students’ Council wouldn’t have approved of this magazine, why would students want to read a magazine that contains recipes, tips and humourous stories?

While I agree that the pictures of the girls could potentially have been done without, I applaud Marshall and his team for their work.
"Greg Munro
Engineering V

To the editor:
Lately, I have read The Gazette every day and turned to the editorial section to find harsh criticism for STUDENT magazine " what went wrong, personal attacks, blame on the editors and harsh criticism by fellow Western students. I have to say that I am sick of it. These students took on a huge project and got results. They had sponsors, they got the buzz going about the magazine and these students did a great thing. Yes, some mistakes were made in regards to the outline and distribution of the magazine, however, being as this was their first issue, I would like to commend these students for a great polished product.

There have been many letters in The Gazette about the sexist nature of the magazine, and I say give me a break. This university has a sex survey in their newspaper. This university had an article last February with the title “University students hook up ... duh.” When The Gazette does it, it’s okay, but when STUDENT does it, it’s inappropriate and lacks creativity?

The photos in the magazine do not show anything explicit and are nothing more than what you would see when going to the university pool or on vacation. While I can understand that some of the pictures can make some people uncomfortable, so can many of the articles in this very same newspaper you are reading right now.

It’s no secret that sex sells. STUDENT captured this idea and made it work. The magazine has been condemned for selling sex, however, many of us have done worse things than appealing to a target market in a realistic manner " even illegal things like the use of fake IDs.

The editors at STUDENT took advantage of the university market and published a product that may or may not be liked by students and that is your choice, but to bash it every day is not fair. While I respect the opinions that were written, STUDENT magazine is not getting a fair shot. The girls in the photo shoot were all Western students or alumni and of majority age. They took the photos under their own free will because it is something they wanted to do.

These students have taken the knowledge that they have acquired at university and applied it to real world " how many of you can say that you have successfully produced a fully functioning business and reached out to almost 10,000 people?

While I can go on and on about this magazine, I would actually like to thank the editors and the staff of STUDENT for the excellent work that they have done and I look forward to seeing more issues published in years to come.
"Daniel A. Feldberg
Political Science IV

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