St. Patty's goes spandex

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
I realize that the focus on drinking may be a newer phenomenon associated with the St. Patrick’s Day tradition, taking the festive spirit of a feast day to new heights. But what I don’t understand is where hot pants come into it. What do spandex shorts that barely cover your buttocks have to do with Saint Patrick? Walking around campus yesterday, I was under the impression that this type of clothing has somehow become as much a part of the festivities as wearing green.

This latest phenomenon seems to represent the culmination of a disturbing trend at our university. Spandex has been making a comeback. It’s not just being worn as sportswear, but also as casual wear. It may very well be retro, but plus fours and petticoats don’t seem to be garnering the same amount of attention. I can only imagine that neon stripes along the leg are not far behind.

A tipping point has indeed been reached this St. Patrick’s Day " synthetic stretch-pants are here to stay.
" Ben Keefe
Master of Library and Information Studies

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