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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “2009-10 USC Board of Directors chosen”
March 24, 2009

To the editor:
In reporting on the incoming Board of Directors, Jaclyn Haggarty reported that the new members “come from a variety of different backgrounds.” Frankly, I would like to know what precisely is meant by “background” and “variety.” Specifically, all of the elected vice-president’s are men; there is only one non-white member of the new BOD and three of the six are from social science with two of the six coming from science " representing the academic programs of a near majority of the voting members of the University Students’ Council.

The Board looks no different than it usually does and the members make up nothing that could be called representative of our student body. I think it’s time the USC seriously considers the clear advantage Science and Social Science students have when running for VP positions. It must also be noted that most students did not know that the VP elections were happening and therefore were unable to explore the candidates and voice their opinion to their representatives on USC, who are, after all, supposed to be voting on behalf of their constituents, not their cronies.
" Jessica Martin
English and women’s studies III

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