Students fill up landfill with irresponsible fun

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the editor:
I have always considered Western to be a fairly environmentally minded university. While working at a party this weekend hosted by a Western fraternity, I realized this is far from the truth.

For 20 minutes of dumping coloured water over friends at the bar, hundreds of water bottles were sent to the landfill. As representatives of Western, something should have been done to prevent this. Bins should have been made available for recycling or perhaps if everyone had taken one bottle home and recycled it the damage would have been far less. I don’t understand how with all the awareness lately surrounding the effects of water bottles, a group of educated students could think this behaviour was okay. I truly hope this letter reaches at least one person and maybe initiates some kind of change for next year. Twenty minutes of fun equals forever in a landfill (x300).
" Sarah Unwin
Nursing III

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