Western's NARCs have their say

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Western Viewbook ’09: Residences”
Apr. 3, 2009

To the editor:
We are the individuals that you so callously referred to as “NARCs.” While we understand that this is a Spoof Issue, we feel as though we need to clarify many misconceptions that you so flagrantly propagated across campus.

You claim that we will “ruin your fun on Saturday nights if you stumble home from The Ceeps at 4 a.m. and blast Rihanna because you ‘just can’t stop the party.’” First of all, last call is at 2 a.m. You must ask yourself if the two-hour line-up at Tannenbaum’s for that deep-fried Mars bar was worth it. Secondly, if it is 4 a.m. we are either a) asleep, or b) coming home too. Thirdly, let’s be honest: it was a neighbour who was the NARC and called in the noise complaint. We’re just as pissed as you are for having to deal with it.

With regards to our running “cheesy programming,” it’s a job requirement. We gots ’ta get paid.

Oh and our sincerest apologies for “cracking down” on you for drinking during O-Week. If you had read the contract that you signed and agreed to in the summer, you would know that dry O-Week is a Western policy, which is steeped in tradition (2006). We don’t make the rules, not to mention that it’s the policy of pretty much every university in Ontario. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.
" The Delaware Hall Residence NARC Team

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