Gazette review fails UWOpera

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Too Many Sopranos hits all the right notes”
March 25, 2009

To the editor:
I write to you regarding The Gazette’s so called coverage of UWOpera’s recent production of Too Many Sopranos. While your author provided an acceptable plot summary, this type of writing is completely unacceptable as a review.

My first concern is the timing of the piece; reviews are always written before the run of the show. This is standard practice for most major newspapers and print media. Releasing a review prior to the performance is key in promoting the event to the students and school community at large. Dress rehearsals are usually open to the public (media attendance is encouraged) and your staff would have been welcomed with open arms.

Secondly, if your paper is going to feature a review of a show, actually review it. No specifics were mentioned and I remain unconvinced that your writer actually attended any of the performances. No comments, positive or negative, addressed specific performers or aspects of the show (which, again, is standard practice in review journalism). While your staff may not frequent opera performances on a daily basis, I expect them to have a basic understanding of the task that is “to review.” Sourcing this task to someone who gives a damn would also be refreshing.
" Lindsay Chan
Research assistant, department of psychology

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