Two picks and a TD enough to get the Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe: Nick Kordic

Every week, The Gazette awards the Purple Pipe to an athlete at Western whose individual performance is above and beyond the call of duty.

This week’s recipient of the Pipe is Western football defensive back Nick Kordic, who registered two second half interceptions and a touchdown in last week’s 44-1 victory versus Toronto.

We caught up with Kordic this week to talk about the team, his individual performance, and how he would fare in a one-on-one showdown with his head coach.

How would you assess the team’s season so far and what’s been the key to turning things around?
Having a tough start going 0-4 ... we predicted having a much better season than that. Hard work and realizing every game counts now has made us work that much harder throughout the week and it has shown that much more during the weekend. Every part of the team has stepped up " defence, special teams and offence.

What’s been the key to the defence playing so well the last few weeks and how do you keep this up as your opponents are stronger?
You have to build on [your momentum] every week. We started with the shutout against Windsor and I thought we played really well against York. Then last week against Toronto, defensively, we didn’t give up any points so hopefully we can keep building on that.

As the opponents get a little tougher, we’ve just got to match their play and, as long as we keep working hard throughout the week, we can do that with anyone in the conference.

What was the biggest thing you learned attending training camp for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and do you plan on going back after this season?
I think leadership is the biggest thing you can get out of spending a 25-day training camp in the pros. I was hoping when I got back to Western I could work on some of that leadership and work ethic that I put in to get to the next level; I could teach the younger guys to work just as hard so we could be a better team this year.

I hope to get signed by Hamilton once our season is done and if not by Hamilton, then hopefully some other teams will be interested.

If you and Coach Marshall, back in his prime, were one-on-one in the open field next to the goal line, who would emerge victorious and why?
I can’t really answer that question because I may not be playing this week if I answer it the way I want to answer it.

One-on-one ... after seeing some of the pictures of how hard he runs and how much he weighed, I’d say it’d be a dead even stop. Nobody would gain a yard either way ... I’ll leave it at that.

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