Red Sox fans told to do their homework

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Next time your team wins an important postseason series, make sure you don’t party too hard because you might get sent home with a homework assignment.

Seven young Boston Red Sox fans were arrested after the Red Sox won game seven of the ALCS on Saturday night and have been given an assignment by the judge. The fans will have to write a five page essay based on their experience of being arrested.

The defendants will also be required to provide proof to the court their parents are aware of their arrests.

The only punishment that would be more appropriate would be a week without recess or lunch breaks.

Claude Terrell, a lineman for the St. Louis Rams, was arrested on Tuesday morning on charges of assaulting his wife.

It is obvious that Terrell would be angry after his team’s 0-6 start, but he should consider hitting an opposing defensive line instead next time.

The Chicago Blackhawks " an Original Six team " are coming close to having their home games broadcast in the Chicago area. The team does not currently have a contract with any local television stations to show their games.

The ’Hawks have come to the realization this year, unlike last, they might actually gain fans by showing their games on TV.

The NFL announced Tuesday it is going to shorten the time given to teams to make picks in the first and second rounds of the draft. The major loser in this rule change is Brady Quinn. If the rule had been instituted a year earlier, he only would have sat in embarrassing agony on national TV for three hours rather than four.

Due to extensive wildfires in the San Diego region, the Chargers have moved their practices to suburban Arizona for the week.

The out of control blazes have also forced Phil Mickelson and his family to evacuate their Southern California home.

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