Linemates ignite hot streak to capture the Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe: Kevin Richardson, Ryan Hare, and Sal Peralta

Jon Purdy

FORMING A MORE LETHAL TRIO THAN THE KURRI-GRETZKY-SEMENKO LINEUP. Western's top line contributed 25 points last weekend en route to three consecutive Mustangs victories.

With a combined 25 points in three games this past weekend, men’s hockey forwards Kevin Richardson, Ryan Hare and Sal Peralta are deserving of this week’s Purple Pipe award.

The squad has earned its way into first place in the Ontario University Athletics Far West division, and seventh in the nation, with help from this stellar line in the team’s three wins this past weekend.

Last Thursday the team took on the Guelph Gryphons and walked away with a 5-1 victory. This was just the start of the team’s success.

Saturday’s game at Brock ended in a 5-3 Western win and the Mustangs rounded out the weekend with a 6-0 shutout against the Windsor Lancers back at Thompson Arena.

Richardson, who tallied 11 points in three games, is the OUA leader in points and holds second place in Canadian Interuniversity Sport with 25 total points.

Peralta, who had nine points, is third-place in the OUA and fifth in CIS with 23 total points. Hare rounded out the line with five points this past weekend.

The trio sat down with Gazette Sports to discuss the John Labatt Centre, pasta and nice fingernails.

Discuss your success this weekend. What made your line work so well?
HARE: We’ve been [playing] together a long time now, every game we have been progressing better. It is all about experience and the more experience this line has together over the years, the better we do, like this weekend.
RICHARDSON: We all know that if we make a mistake it’s not the end of the world, but we have to back each other up and we’ve been clicking lately.
PERALTA: Every shift is a new opportunity to make up and start new momentum for the team. We just took it one shift at a time and tried to build on it. We just keep trying to do our best and keep contributing every shift.

Do you like playing at Thompson Arena as opposed to the JLC?
RICHARDSON: As far as the facilities, it is not nearly as good as the JLC. But it is nice to have your own dressing room. At the JLC we didn’t have our own room. It’s all right, but it would be better if we had more fans out.
PERALTA: I agree with getting fans out. It would give us the home-ice advantage and the momentum, especially when we are down. But obviously the JLC speaks for itself, it’s a great rink.
RICHARDSON: [Thompson] is a good place to pre-drink too before the bar. There is the beer garden there.
HARE: There is so much going on at Thompson with the construction and everything. But it is nice being back on campus. They have done some things to step it up a bit.

If you could play for any NHL team, which would you choose?
PERALTA: I think Toronto. Even though they aren’t my favourite hockey team, it’s close to home. I guess it doesn’t really matter. If we made it to the NHL I don’t think any of us would care what team we played for as long as we were there.
HARE: Probably the Leafs.
PERALTA: I’d go Montreal, too; that’s not too far. That’s my favourite team.
HARE: Toronto is my favourite team, despite the trials and tribulations they put me through.

What is your pre-game meal/ritual?
RICHARDSON: [Peralta] sleeps like 19 hours a day.
PERALTA: (laughs) Yeah. But, it’s just pasta for me earlier in the day, not too close to game time.
HARE: Yeah, a lot of us get pasta.
RICHARDSON: I go to the gym in the morning for a bike ride. Eat pre-game at about two and then nap.
HARE: (laughs) Wow, you’re getting very specific.
PERALTA: I sleep until 6:55 and I am on the ice at 7:00. That’s pretty accurate.

What is your best pick-up line at the bar?
PERALTA: I would get in trouble if I did that.
RICHARDSON: No comment.
HARE: We just leave our lines to [Kyle] Piwowarczyk. He once said to a girl, “Wow, you have nice fingernails.”
PERALTA: Yeah, that was amazing. He also used “I win a lot of faceoffs ... wanna make out?”

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