Lennox captures the Purple Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Piple Winner: Bess Lennox

Justin Wu

RAKING IN MORE DOUBLE-DOUBLES THAN A TIM HORTONS CASHIER. Veteran forward Bess Lennox has snapped up seven consecutive games with at least 10 points and 10 rebounds en route to this week's Purple Pipe.

Every week Gazette Sports awards the Purple Pipe to an athlete that stands above their peers. This week’s winner, Bess Lennox, is being recognized for her consistent play all season.

Lennox, a fourth-year power forward on the women’s basketball team, has been a vital cog in the team’s success. So far this season, Lennox has amassed seven consecutive double-doubles, and the team currently sits at 6-2 in Ontario University Athletics standings.

We caught up with Lennox this week to talk about the team, playing back in her hometown, and how she could possibly defeat her coach in a game of one-on-one.

Coming into the season, the team had a number of rookies joining the team. How has the team gelled thus far?
I think there’s been a lot of improvement. We obviously still have a really long way to go, but in terms of playing with the veterans that are coming back and the rookies that are coming in, I think people are starting to know each other’s strengths and playing to them. We’re also starting to come together on defence, which will be important down the stretch.

Your team is 6-2 and sits in fourth place in the OUA West. What does that say about the league’s parity?
The West has always been really competitive. Especially this year there’s sort of a shift in teams that are doing well. Coming in and playing in this league I don’t think you can ever take a night off.

As one of the older players on the team, what have you tried to do to keep the team together on and off the court?
It’s really not that difficult. We have a lot of great leaders on the team and the good thing about our team is people aren’t afraid to say what they’re feeling no matter what year or position they’re in.

After having some injury problems the first two years of your career, how has it been being able to play a healthy season thus far?
It’s been the best. Once you have to sit out you realize how important playing is to you. I’ve just been so lucky last year and this year to be fully healthy and able to play an entire year.

Do you look forward to going back home to play? [Lennox is an Ottawa native]
I played with a lot of the girls who play for the University of Ottawa and Carleton [University] and I was really excited to go home because we only get to go every two years. I was really nervous when we went because the first time I went back I played horribly, but it ended up being great this year. It was great to play in front of my family.

If you and head coach Stephan Barrie played a game of one-on-one who would emerge victorious?
Steph can really shoot the ball. I think he led [Canadian Interuniversity Sport] in shooting percentage when he played, but he’s also ridiculously quick so I think he would probably take it. The key for me would be to get him in the post and then maybe I’d have a shot.

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