Editors square off in Super Bowl showdown - Part 1

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Tom Brady

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"ANOTHER MANNING TO DISPOSE OF? THIS IS BECOMING UNFAIR." Eli Manning hopes to turn the tables next week and overshadow his older brother Peyton versus Tom Brady's intimidating New England Patriots.

Once again, this year’s installment of the Super Bowl promises to be a snoozer as one team absolutely dominates the other.

Some people will try and tell you the New York Giants have a shot, that the Giants will give the New England Patriots a run for its money.

This is the type of person I wish I could be " a person who believes in unicorns and the Easter Bunny and a generally cuddlier world.

The current Patriots squad, at 18-0 and smashing records, is the greatest team to ever play football. However, there is a tendency to make noise about the Pats having several close calls this year.

The fact is they won every game. That’s what amazing teams do: they find ways to win. Ugly, pretty, close, blowout; they are all wins.

It is likely no one would even talk about the close games if the Pats hadn’t embarrassed teams so thoroughly for the first eight weeks of the season and set the bar so high.

Some people will also try to say the Giants’ performance against the Patriots in the last week of the regular season indicates they can run with the big dogs.

The late season close call between these Super Bowl contenders means nothing. The Giants had nothing to lose, and it is easy to play well when there are no nerves.

Before that game even started, the Giants were labeled winners around the league ‘just for trying’ against the league bad boy Pats.

No one is going to be handing out kudos next week ‘just for trying.’ Shaky-kneed New York pivot Eli Manning is going to crack under the pressure.

There is the argument the Giants will learn from their close loss and be able to match up even better against the Pats this time around. Does the name Bill Belichick mean anything to anyone? The smartest head coach in football has two full weeks to dissect the Giants and make his own superior adjustments to the Giants game plan.

Let’s also not forget four key words: Tom. Brady. Best. Ever. The unflappable snap taker could lead (and has led) an offence with no receivers to a championship. This year he has the kind of weapons to make the job easier.

Not to mention the Pats didn’t even need the air attack in pulling out two playoff wins. Not bad for a team that’s not supposed to have a running game.

Everyone loves to hate the Pats. It’s not just SpyGate " people love the underdog. Love or hate has nothing to do with it. The Patriots are far too good for Manning and Co. to handle.

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