QB Ryan Perrilloux is the latest Sin Bin occupant

LSU head coach Les Miles suspends young pivot indefinitely

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ryan Perrilloux

TOO BUSY BREAKIN' THE LAW TO BE HUCKIN' THE PIGSKIN. Louisiana State quarterback Ryan Perrilloux lands in the Sin Bin this week after antics like nightclub brawling, riverboat gambling and running his mouth. See the Sin Bin for all the details with a Cajun flavour.

Every once in a while, Gazette Sports places a famous athlete in the Sin Bin for his or her dumb antics and outlandish behaviour.

Although Ryan Perrilloux is currently an amateur athlete, he lands in our latest Sin Bin for being a major league jackass.

Perrilloux, a junior quarterback for Louisiana State University, was suspended indefinitely by the team for a “team rules violation.” LSU head coach Les Miles made the announcement Monday, saying Perrilloux’s future status is unclear.

A “very highly touted” (VHT) high school prospect from LaPlace, LA, Perrilloux was the heir apparent at pivot for the defending national champion LSU Tigers. He’s probably ruined his chances at starting for one of the most prestigious football programs in the NCAA because of his clownish antics.

Perrilloux is no stranger to insolence, either. He bitched and moaned as a freshman when he was buried on the depth chart behind veterans JaMarcus Russell (now playing for the Oakland Raiders) and Matt Flynn. Earth to Ryan: when you play for a program chock-full of VHT recruits, you have to wait your turn.

Strong play in LSU’s Southeastern Conference (SEC) essentially guarantees national TV exposure and drooling NFL scouts. Perrilloux has all the physical tools to excel in the SEC: a live arm, astounding mobility and the swagger to win in the toughest football conference in America.

Last year, the young quarterback saw playing time in the BCS national championship game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, a 38-24 Tigers win.

One intrinsic quality Perrilloux lacks, however, is maturity.

In addition to cocky impatience, Perrilloux has also been suspended two other times. He did not make the trip to bitter division rival, the University of Alabama, last season when he was reported to have been in an altercation at a Baton Rouge nightclub.

Last May, he was disciplined when the ragin’ Cajun allegedly used his brother’s drivers licence to try and get onto a Louisiana gambling boat.

Lately, Perrilloux seems content to roll the dice with his career.

The suspension leaves junior Andrew Hatch " who started his career at football laughingstock Harvard University " and redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee at the top of the Tigers’ depth chart at quarterback.

While most Cajuns likely don’t know what a Sin Bin is (there are no penalty boxes on the gridiron or on the NASCAR track), Perrilloux earns his place this week by jeopardizing the most important position for the defending national champs.

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