Track stars snag Purple Pipe

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Purple Pipe: Jen Cotten and Andrew Judge

Jonas Hrebeniuk

THESE FOLKS MAKE GAZELLES LOOK LIKE FAT, GREASY SLOBS. Track and field stars Jen Cotten and Andrew Judge squeeze the fabled Purple Pipe this week on the heels of stud gold medal performances at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport nationals last week.

Western’s track and field team has been extremely successful this season as a whole, but two individuals stand out of the crowd.

Both Jen Cotten and Andrew Judge received individual gold medals at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships; Cotten for the pentathlon and Judge in the long jump. The two were the only Mustangs to win gold medals on the national stage.

For that reason, along with the many other successes they’ve had this season, Cotten and Judge are being awarded the Purple Pipe.

Gazette Sports sat down with the two to discuss pancakes, playing tag, pancakes, jumping, and oh, did we mention pancakes?

How did you get involved in track and field?
Cotten: [My family and I] moved to a big city ... there was a track club and [my sisters and I] had success in elementary school, so in Grade 3 my parents put us in a club and we just loved it so we continued on from there.
Judge: I was in Grade 9 and I was trying different sports. I was a gymnast a few years before that and recently quit and tried track. I ended up doing really well and it has been that way ever since.

What is your favourite event to compete in?
C: Pentathlon; it’s different to be competing throughout the day. If you don’t do well in one event, you can leave it behind you and if you do well you can feed off of that and keep the momentum going; it’s an incredible event and really demanding.
J: I would have to say triple jump, although I won long jump. I love jumping, period.

If you had to play a game of tag with someone on the track and field team, who do you think you could catch?
C: I think I would play with him (Judge).
J: Same.
C: We have, I am pretty sure.
J: Several times ... yeah.

If you could make the pentathlon any five events, what would you choose?
C: There would definitely be some eating [also known as inhaling] because I eat really fast. Perhaps playing with animals. I don’t know how you make that a competition.
J: When there’s a will, there’s a way. Race around the track in a car.
C: Mountain climbing or rock climbing.
J: That game where you have to sit in the thing with the water " a dunk tank. You can see how many athletes you can dunk.

What is your pre-race meal?
C: I eat as much as possible, usually trying to be healthy ... but pasta and the like.
J: Yeah, pasta and pancakes. I love having pancakes before I compete; it doesn’t matter where they come from, if there are pancakes there, I’ll eat them all. Pancakes are great. Go blueberry pancakes! [laughs]

Where do you keep your medals?
C: I kind of have a shoebox packed full somewhere. But the CIS ones, I will have to find a place at the end of my curtain rod, or on my doorknob.
J: I realized I have a huge box filled with medals.
C: Yeah, it is just a piece of metal.
J: I don’t have them pinned up all around my wall or anything.
C: Just the fact of doing it is rewarding enough. I could think about it without having to see a medal.
J: Yeah, maybe when I’m older I will do something special with them.

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