Blue Jays' fans lack respect, loyalty in home opener

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Blue Jays' pitcher in classic uniform

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GOOD THING HE DID HIS LUNGES. The Toronto Blue Jays, decked out in retro gear, swept the Red Sox in Opening Weekend at the Rogers Centre.

The excitement and fan turnout was impressive at the Toronto Blue Jays home opener this past Friday against the defending World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

There were over 50,000 fans in attendance, second baseman Robbie Alomar was inducted into the Level of Excellence and things were actually looking up for the Jays as they began the series against Boston with a 6-3 win that night.

But despite my excitement for the start of the baseball season, my enthusiasm for a great opening game and my pride in wearing the Blue Jays logo, I found myself questioning the loyalty of some of the attendees.

The first few innings were just like old times; The Jays sported their retro uniforms and three levels of Rogers Centre seating were packed with towel-waving fans.

But as the innings went on and the alcohol took charge, some fans showed their true colours.

In the 500 level, a section over from where I was seated, two men got in a fist fight that not only disrupted their section, but all the surrounding sections who could no longer focus on the game. Fans were distracted by the security guards dragging a pile of drunk guys out of the stadium.

Once that was taken care of, a female fan decided to flash the crowd, and what would most fans rather watch " the Jays beat the Sox, or the topless girl in the 500s? I think the answer is obvious.

Just when I thought people might start paying attention to the game, two idiots decided to run across the field. If these people cared at all about baseball, they would not delay the game and distract the players in the final minutes of the game, especially in a game your team is winning.

As the cops removed the couple from the field in handcuffs, more foolish fans threw bags of popcorn, cups, napkins and other garbage into the outfield.

Those “fans” end up ruining the game for everyone else who just wants to see a good display of baseball. If you had time to think about arguing with your neighbour, throwing popcorn on the field, or contemplating running into the outfield, you clearly are not focused on the game; I am sure half of those people will not watch another Jays game all season.

Have some pride and show some loyalty if you are going to call yourself a Blue Jays fan. The Red Sox may have lost the series against the Jays, but the Sox fans would win in a test of loyalty and etiquette any day.

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